We provide the following services:

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    Kitchen Cleaning

    With safety as our priority, we provide a physically strong team with industry knowledge. They possess the skills to strip and sanitize when working around gas and electric appliances. This allows for an exquisite kitchen all day round, which is essential for hygiene and high staff morale.

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    Supply Labour

    We supply labour with a wide variety of skills to meet the different needs of our clients. Our staffs have been trained professionally on safety precautions while carrying out their duties so as to ensure everyone’s safety while working.

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    Public Area

    We provide a highly trained team of staff who place emphasis on details, ensuring outstanding cleanliness in all your Front and Back of House areas. These areas include restaurants, reception areas, lobbies, spas, gymnasiums and toilets. Thus ensuring that all users have a good first impression of the facilities.

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    We supply stewarding services to match the needs of any environment. Our highly trained and enthusiastic teams along with the provision of machineries allow us to meet the high standards required with a positive attitude and a flexible approach.

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    Educational Institution Upkeep

    We assist educational institutions in maintaining a high level of cleanliness in their premises by providing a team of capable and friendly stewards. This allows for a conducive environment for learning and teaching.


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